27th September - 4th October 2014


A week's workcamp organised with the International Voluntary service(IVS) focusing on wood fuel and sustainable energy. Volunteers will help collect wood for fuel, and seaweed for compost, and learn more about reducing their carbon footprint. 


IVS camps are a fantastic way to meet other international volunteers and learn more about different countries and cultures.



Cost: £small fee to IVS For full board and accommodation


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How Earth Connections started

Bob and Norah met whilst studying Human Ecology in Edinburgh in 2000. We wanted to put into practise what we had learned, and so started a 2 year search, whilst living on our boat, for a place to create a Sustainability Centre.  On Eigg, the old Lodge, was lying empty and in disrepair. So we put forward a business proposal to the Isle of Eigg Trust and community, to turn it into an Eco centre, which would help us to live on the island and benefit the wider community too. 


The last few years have been spent renovating the building ourselves and with the help of volunteers - all done on a low budget, using recyled, local and environmentally friendly materials. It has been a real labour of love, but it is finally coming together and we can begin to see the fruits of our labour! During this time, we have also raised a family of 3 young boys, and got involved with various community projects on Eigg e.g. the Big Green Challenge, Forest School, Eigg Electric, to name but a few. 


We are passionate about the environment and nature and try to live sustainably. We have both been involved in voluntary peace and environmental campaigns; conservation and education work, all our lives. So we have a wealth of experience and skills that we want to share with others! Our vision for the Centre is as a vibrant meeting place where people from all walks of life can get together and share ideas and skills related to sustainability, in order to improve our collective health and happiness.


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